January 3, 2002
Rogev (MagicCard) opens its North American office located in Toronto, Canada.

January 7, 2002
Rogev announced today the appointment of Joseph S. Freiman as Senior Vice President, Corporate Development.

April 3, 2002
The much anticipated, official web site of the MagicCard is launched.

April 10, 2002
Windows XP driver released
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The MagicCard is a powerful revolutionary instant recovery system technology for your PC.

It provides you with the ultimate protection against accidental or intentional damage to your hard drive, hacking, viruses, tampering, and most other kinds of accidents including formatting.

It installs in under a minute, protects any size disk, takes no disk space, supports up to 8 partitions, holds no data on card and best of all it does it all just by restarting your computer and in "real-time" to learn more…

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