About a month ago we had to fill in a presenter for our monthly general meeting as we had been let down by a major vendor. Magic Card graciously stepped in literally at the last minute. We did not know what to expect, but we were treated to one of the best, new and innovative high tech products to ever come out since the CD-ROM!

I'm talking about the Magic Card. This product removes the worry from such incidents as accidentally formatting your hard drive, hacker and virus attacks. It achieves this by copying your primary master drive, C:, into a special, encrypted partition on the C drive.

Now we've all heard of similar products that do the same thing, but they take up half of the space of your drive by copying an exact "image." This is where Magic Card is different. It does copy the contents of your hard drive but is saves it in binary code. As a matter of fact it only takes up about 1% of your hard drive size!

A. J. Parl, one of our techie members, tried several ways of formatting the drive and deleting partitions. All was to no avail as Magic Card simply restored everything exactly to the way it was! The members at the meeting were fascinated by this and the demo prompted many questions, expertly answered by the company.

I would definitely recommend Magic Card to anybody that wants to ensure system recovery; especially in these days of malicious computer attacks.

--Martin Moss, President, PCCT

I have been using the Magic Card for the past few months. Only until a certain “mishap” I understood the value in this amazing card. I had just finished doing an important proposal, which I have been, working on for more then a month, when I accidentally opened an email attachment that I believed to be from a friend of mine. It turned to be a nasty virus that had email itself to me using his Outlook. I almost got a heart attack when I found out that my computer was “frozen”. All I had to do is just to reboot my computer. Minutes after I was back in business. After this experience. Get this product it does exactly what it says!
--Joe Ontman OTA Computers Toronto, Ontario

It is my privilege to send you this appreciation letter. During the last 18 months, the Magic Card was a real magic for us. We find your product highly reliable and simple to use. Our computer maintenance costs dropped dramatically, and most important: we have never lost value computer's lab hours due to crashed systems or deliberate mischief.
Personally, I will keep on recommending the Magic Card to all my collogues.
--Israel Dac, Computing _ Information Technology Director, Faculty of Management, Tel Aviv University

we have been working with the Magic Card for over three years.
As a senior technician working in the training field I must say that the Magic Card has been a great tool for Amdocs Israel. My team and I have been maximizing on its benefits. It helped us in many ways but mainly in saving precious time _ money. In our training classes it considerably reduced maintenance costs and made our schedule more efficient and easy to conduct. I highly recommend any organization that handles large quantities of PC's to work with the Magic Card.
--Dor Kain, MCSE, System PC ADM, Training Department, Amdocs Israel LTD.

Just like to say thanks for possibly the best money I ever spent on my computer. I am a professional musician and record my songs with some high-end audio software. Last week I formatted one of my partitions (by accident). My first reaction was a complete freak out but I soon remembered that I installed the card 4 days prior. I then giggled and went to grab a cup of coffee. By the time I came back my system was fully restored. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!
--Ron Miller, Boca Raton, Florida

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