The MagicCard is a powerful revolutionary instant recovery system technology for your PC. It provides you with the ultimate protection for any form of corruption or unwanted modification, accidental or intentional damage to your hard drive, hacking, viruses, tampering, and most other kinds of accidents including formatting.

It installs in under a minute, protects any size disk, takes no disk space, supports up to 8 partitions, holds no data on card and best of all it performs everything in "real-time" just by restarting your computer.

This is a hardware-based PCI card that provides several levels of protection to an organization's infrastructure and easily integrates into your existing environment.

The unique innovation of this technology resides partially in an original algorithm that converts system data into a binary code and combined with an exclusive dynamic buffer system places the information in the optimum location on your hard drive.

Developed over five years by a top senior level security and computer engineering team specializing in recovery solutions, the MagicCard provides unparalleled system recovery protection never available before.

The MagicCard's objective is to eliminate computer downtime! Therefore it was designed with one main principle, to instantly restore a computer's operation virtually no matter what the cause is!

The MagicCard can withstand the most threatening form of viral strikes, unauthorized user attacks, or any other siege that presents a threat to computers, and the network operations.

With this powerful card protection in place you resume business in seconds, not days. Technical issues are resolved on the first call, onsite and without the typical high cost accompanied.

The MagicCard is a must in every organization and will give you amazing (immediate) return on your investment through dramatic reduction in TCO.

*Although there may be other tools on the market that so called provide "system recovery capabilities", they remain to be inferior in many ways such as long and strenuous installation, "hogging" of precious disk space, vulnerability to formatting and viruses attacks and sometime even unstable which results in system crashes. Be sure to purchase the only the Best-of-Breed, validated, proven solution technology and winner of Best Of Comdex™, the original MagicCard.

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